Welcome to The Crossing
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The Crossing is a community that’s fresh, real, raw, alive and committed to telling an ancient story to break through even the most hardened of hearts.
Whether you’re new here (welcome!), or a regular to the online community, we have some resources you should definitely check out. We're glad you're here.
God created each one of us to live within community and, ideally, physical community. But we realize there can be extenuating circumstances that prevent people from attending a physical church.

That is why we encourage you to ask the question: who can I share this with? How can you share The Crossing with friends and family in your area?
Remember Rooted? Want to catch what you missed in You+? Maybe you just missed last weekend’s message? Check out our message archives for on-demand viewing.
We love to hear stories about what God is up to here at The Crossing. Stories tell us about who you are. They tell us about the journey you're on and how it relates to the journey that we're all on together.

So share your story with us. You never know how God will use it, and it may just help us all to see the bigger picture of how He is at work in our lives and at The Crossing.